Moderating & Mediating

Are you looking for an inspiring and experienced moderator or host for your event?

Timon Meyer has worked as a moderator at the intersection of business, politics, economic development and public administration for more than 15 years. His forte is fostering dialogue in a committed, informed and entertaining way. For Timon, a successful event is all about fruitful interaction with both speakers and the audience.

His recipe is simple: Eloquence, curiosity about people, positions and issues, and an instinct for nuanced, meaningful discussion. This – combined with experience as a strategist at a multinational corporation, as a public sector business promoter, as a community builder for an industry association, and as an entrepreneur and systemic coach, plus fluency in English, German, French and Spanish – adds up to a unique combination of expertise and communication skill.

Portrait Timon Meyer

Timon has served as moderator of numerous cross-sector panel discussions and presentations at conferences, trade fairs and customer events. The focus has generally been on current topics in business and society, with particular emphasis on innovation, digitalization and cutting-edge, disruptive business models. In addition to his role as moderator, Timon is conversant with the latest developments in change, participation and multi-stakeholder processes.

An important, often neglected skillset is conflict resolution. For on some projects, seemingly intractable disagreements do crop up. In such instances, when the parties' ability to reconcile reaches a stumbling block, Timon’s training and gift as a neutral mediator has stood him in good stead. His highly successful method has been to develop, together with the involved parties, joint paths and mutually arrive at solutions for breaking the deadlock and moving forward.

References (selection)

Cross-Cluster-Camp Berlin-Brandenburg


Workshop for networking and project initiation; moderating of company pitches and bar camps.


Startup Night of the German American Chamber New York


Moderating of the “Internationalization for Startups” panel discussion. Focal points: Financing, personnel, sales, programs, networking.

"Participation at Tempelhof"


Moderating of the event on opportunities for civic engagement in the future design of the former Tempelhof Airport.

Timon Meyer: Moderating Konferenz "Growing Smart Energy Cities"

Challenge Cup, 1776 Incubator

Washington D.C., Berlin

Moderating a preeminent startup competition (held in 16 metropolises around the globe) to award the best energy startups. Member of the jury.

THF 2.0 - A new profile for the former Tempelhof Airport.


Moderating of the expert workshop, several roundtable formats and a panel discussion.

Timon Meyer: Moderating trade fair event

"Beyond Downtown – Future Investments in the Northeast of Berlin"


Moderating the panel discussion, Berlin-Brandenburg booth at the EXPO Real trade show.

Berlin Urban Tech Summit


Moderating panels and World Café formats, support on event conception, program design and speaker acquisition.

Digital Marketing Day of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce


Moderating the event focused on positioning, social media, conversion rate, influencer marketing, SEO, platform economy, CRM.

Hubertus Breier, Prof. Dr. Anna Riedel, David Gilford andTimon Meyer at Berlin Urban Tech Summit 2018

Sustainable Companies & Cities

Los Angeles

Moderating the conference on "Sustainable Cities and Enterprises." Focal points: Sustainable business models from Los Angeles and Berlin.

"Instilling an Entrepreneurial Mindset"

Moderating a roundtable discussion as part of the German Entrepreneurship Education Campus. Focal points: Initiation, promotion and obstacles to entrepreneurship in corporations; synergetic integration with startups.

German Startup “Matchmaking Event”

New York

Moderating a half-day event with seven German startups, including company pitches and an investors’ panel. Focus: market entry, financing, networking.

Moderating of the expert workshop "A new profile for the former Tempelhof Airport"

Cleantech Conference

New York

Moderating the conference including lectures, discussions, startup pitches and Q&A rounds. Event organized by the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and Urban Future Lab, Brooklyn.

"Future of the German Solar Industry"


Moderating the panel discussion within the framework of the annual Berlin Clean Tech Conference.

Timon Meyer: Moderating Berlin Urban Tech Summit 2018

Open House at Tempelhof Airport


Conception and event moderating. Focal points: Participative processes, creativity location, urban and smart city, experimental work places, financing.

Growing Smart Energy Cities


Two-day international conference on strategies, instruments and financing tools suitable in a Smart City context. Moderating the first day of the conference and the “European Energy Service Award”; chairing a half-day workshop on the second day.

Timon Meyer: Moderating Berlin Urban Tech Summit 2019

"Dealing with the refugee situation"


Moderating the public discussion on Berlin's handling of the “refugee crisis” in 2015/2016 with a particular focus on opportunities and risks of transforming the former Tempelhof Airport into Germany’s largest emergency shelter.

Public event to prepare the International Gardening Exhibition


Moderating presentations and discussions on infrastructural measures for the International Gardening Exhibition in Berlin.

Timon Meyer: Moderating Cross-Cluster-Camp 2019 für die Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg GmbH

Berlin Solar Talk


Moderating different panel discussions (a total of five events on various topics in the renewable energy sector).