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T-Base Consulting is a results-oriented business development and communication firm with expertise in both the digital and analog worlds. Since 2011, we have served established companies as well as startups, public institutions, associations and networks. We have devised a wide range of development strategies, objectives and processes, and with a rigorous focus on implementation and the creation of synergies, have brought the most basic and most complex projects to a successful completion.

We have worked with several clients for many years. But we’re also excited and thrive on new challenges. A can-do, flexible and innovative mindset and approach are essential in the ever-changing business environment, and these are the principles we both convey and live by.

What's your next project? We look forward to making a difference together!

Who we are

We are consultants and networkers, managers and doers, creative visionaries and detail-oriented perfectionists, suppliers of ideas and motivators. But most importantly, we do what’s needed for your project.

Our team combines many years of work experience with privately held companies, associations and agencies, as well as extensive involvement with public sector organizations and institutions.

We do not limit ourselves to specific topics or industries, because in the end nearly everything we do comes down to one common denominator: communication.

How we work

First and foremost, we listen and ask questions. We want to thoroughly understand your specific topic, challenges and objectives before we develop a tailor-made approach and devise the right tools to help you move forward.

After gaining this understanding, we define roles, establish structures and fine-tune processes.

Whether we’re dealing with the restructuring of a corporate unit, public relations, networking or complex multi-stakeholder processes, we always keep an eye on the big picture without losing sight of the details. While planning our projects and directing them toward the desired outcome, we always remain open to new impulses along the way.

Our Services

The conference under Timon’s professional leadership was a great success and I'm glad to have been a part of it. Future events lead by him will be of potential relevance to me.

Etai Pinkas-Arad, Tel Aviv City Council

Timon Meyer: moderating an expert workshop at Tempelhof Airport

The Team

Timon Meyer

Timon Meyer

Managing Partner
Master in Management, Systemic Coach

Timon is a generalist with profound experience at the intersection between business, politics, economic development and public administration. At Total Deutschland, he served as the Head of Strategic Controlling. Later, at Berlin Partner, he was responsible for the development of the energy, mobility and clean technologies sectors. As managing director, he built up the Berlin Solar Network. For years, he has focused on advising SME and startups in their corporate development. He has led major marketing projects and champions the development of synergetic business ecosystems and communities.


Claudia Niemann

Senior Consultant
 Master of Arts in Film and Media Studies

Claudia began her career at Jahreszeiten Publishers in Hamburg and studied Theater, Film and Media Studies in Frankfurt / Main. She has been successfully working for 10 years in project and event management, press and public relations for scientific institutions as well as in the field of film education and training. For the Union of German Academies of Sciences and Humanities, she was responsible for the Leopoldina Standing Committee on Science-Based Policy and Society Consulting. Prior to joining T-Base Consulting, she served as head of the department of national training / leadership programs at the Erich Pommer Institute in Potsdam-Babelsberg.

T-Base-Team: Eric Herbstreit

Eric Herbstreit

Master of Public Management, Policy and Administration

Eric specializes in tri-sectoral cooperation and sustainable development on a regional, national and global level. He focuses on strategic project management at the intersection of politics and business, and has worked on projects dealing with urbanization, industrial reform, environment and participation. International stints in France, China and Switzerland have helped him gain a profound understanding of interdisciplinary project management, networking and consulting assignments.

Heidi Treichel

Heidi Treichel

Bachelor of Arts, Film Studies & Production

Heidi was born in Washington D.C. and grew up bilingually as a dual German / US citizen. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in film production and studies at Hofstra University in NY, she got her first career experience through working in a variety of positions in the film and media industry in New York City. After transitioning to the fine art logistics industry, she found her niche in project management and customer relations and services.

T-Base-Team: Constanze Döll

Constanze Döll

Senior Associate Advisor
Master in Communications

Constanze studied social and business communication at the Berlin University of the Arts and has a wealth of experience in the successful implementation of numerous communication measures. Her focus is on strategic consulting, conception, editing and the management of a wide range of projects and processes. She is at home in the service, energy and real estate industries as well as in networking and association work, the handling of funding projects and is in dialogue with players from business, politics, administration and the media.

T-Base-Team: Holger Wiebe

Holger Wiebe

Associate Advisor
Diploma Multimedia Producer

Holger launched his successful career as a project manager and software developer over 20 years ago. A trained publisher and SAE multimedia production graduate, he founded and served as the CEO of “Freies Netzwerk Berlin”, a creative agency, for 10 years. In this capacity, he implemented multimedia projects for clients such as Warner Music, MTV and 20th Century Fox. Holger works as a consultant, developer and project manager for a variety of Berlin-based companies.

Susanne Uckun

Susanne Uckun

Master in Business, Health Coach

Susanne launched her career at Bayer AG in Berlin, where she worked for nearly two decades. Among a variety of roles, she coordinated international supply chain management projects and led a planning team. Over the course of her career with Bayer, Susanne experienced first-hand the challenges of adopting and sticking to a healthy work-life-balance and adequate stress management. This motivated her to ultimately become a certified health and resilience coach. Today, she employs a holistic coaching model, supporting individuals, business and organizations on their paths to more balanced and integrated daily routines.

Logo Ingo Markert / RainGroup

Ingo Markert

Associate Designer and Developer
Multimedia Producer

Ingo has been a contributor to T-Base since its inception. He is an experienced graphics and web designer and developer with extensive know-how in the conception, design and implementation of new media as well as print media, system structures and content management. He has more than 15 years of agency experience and is steadfast in keeping up with the latest developments in the field.

Team alle Hände zusammen

Partners & Friends

Scientists, Graphic Artists, Photographers, Web Developers, Copywriters, Editors, Social Media Experts

We entertain longstanding and trusting partnerships with a variety of freelance experts in several domains. Together with them, we provide the customized ressources essential for successful projects – nothing less and nothing more. We keep our structures lean and efficient, and overheads at a minimum. In this way, we’re able to conduct and steer projects of all sizes from their conceptual phase until the results are firmly implemented.

Our clients

From individual coaching to the restructuring of a company, from expert workshops to large-scale events, from press statements to comprehensive studies – our range of work is ample and varied. The following is an extract. Feel free to get in touch for more; we look forward to meeting you!

  • T-Base Referenzen: Factory Berlin

    Factory Berlin

    Commercialization and sales advice. Conceptual consulting to enhance synergies between start-ups and A corporate partner at Europe's largest innovation campus.

  • T-Base-Geschäftsführer Timon Meyer bei der Moderation des Berlin Urban Tech Summit

    Berlin Urban Tech Summit

    Moderating of panel discussion and world café format. Conception, program design and speaker acquisition.

  • T-Base Referenzen: Cross-Cluster-Camp 2019


    Planning, organization and event moderating to foster collaboration across verticals.

  • T-Base Referenzen: Geschäftsstelle Masterplan Industriestadt Berlin

    Berlin Industry Masterplan

    Establishment and operations of the Masterplan branch office at the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.

  • T-Base Referenzen: Websites


    Conception and implementation of print and online publications, here the website of KNH Lawyers (in German).

  • T-Base Referenzen: Flughafen Tempelhof

    Tempelhof Airport

    Planning, event management and moderating of the "Open House" with more than 20,000 visitors.

Erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit macht Spaß – und ist unser Antrieb! Für unsere Auftraggeber gehen wir penibel ins Detail und drehen genauso gern „das große Rad“. Für Unternehmen wie für öffentliche Einrichtungen oder Netzwerk-Organisationen. Folgende T-Base-Kunden (Auswahl) durften und dürfen wir bei ihren großen und kleinen Vorhaben begleiten:

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